Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The City of Lights

You’d think that a city
was a whirlwind
of meeting, parting
and forgotten yesterdays.
Who was to know
a hundred images
would remain ingrained
in your mind just like
it was last night’s dream.

This is not a city
that does not sleep.
Drive by its boulevard
and you can listen to it slumbering
under midnight blue skies.
And this is when you know,
it’s much like you
not wanting to run
when you can walk,
not wanting to do it all at once,
when you can take
each day at a time.

When you walk past people
through its crowded streets 
and a rhythm wades through the air,
gaze up at its skies sprinkled with stars.
It would be no different looking
through the window of your high-rise home-
cars, shops, and people;
a hundred twinkling lights below
are what will keep you company
through lonely rainy nights.

*First published by PageTurners, October 2012.  

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