Wednesday, June 03, 2015

A lot like you

A lot like rain, you soak me,
drench me and wash over me,
and as droplets from my hair
fall to the grass, you patter on
my ears euphonious nothings.

A lot like spring, you spin me
into a dizzy
a heady mix
of honeysuckel and
plum blossoms;
and as sultry afternoons
caress sun kissed cheeks,
you paint streets
for me to walk by,
an electric grey.

A lot like moonlit skies,
you get me gazing

glittering dots around
sickle shaped moons,
they illuminate behind
fluttering white curtains.

A lot like love, you storm
into my life, breezing out
worries. I walk miles
through dirt allies and
boulevards and at dawn,
I leave it all behind
in the shadows
all except you.

*First published by Poets Printery in Dilli, an Anthology of Women Poets

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