Friday, February 17, 2012


It seeped into the moonless night,
creeping its way through back allies
when the city plunged into deep slumber.
digging its bane dripping fingers
into reposing people, it rambled on
its abysmal journey;
scalding fluttering leaves to the ground,
feet scrambled through abandoned
streets -a dozen whirling stampedes.
curled up by the sidewalk, a man
slept on a tattered rickshaw seat;
rising with a startle, he watched
the meandering line of people, 
the air wheezing down on him. 
as the pounding of his heart grew
lustier than the shuffling feet of men,
he leaves his slippers behind
scurrying to join, the snake like 
passage of weary strangers.
behind closed windows, families
huddled together in cardboard like boxes
for solace; peeping through curtains,
the cremation ground was a mountain
of bodies heaped by the ticking hour, 
carcasses by the roadside tossed into
the Narmada~bobbing cows and goats.
gehenna hung over wrapping the burg
under it's baleful blanket of wrath; the city
cried a chiliad rivers while abaddon
passed bucks; stuffing choking pockets.
at dawn, they packed bags full of sins
traveling miles to satiate their greed.
inferno nights failed to burn their souls,
they walked past the city watching it die 
- a zillion deaths. 
The Bhopal Gas leak is one of the world's worst industrial disasters. The leakage of MIC and other toxins from the Union Carbide pesticide plant in 1984 consumed thousands of lives and raised still birth rates by 300%. After 25 years of waiting for justice, eight UCIL officials were sentenced to two years of imprisonment and the then chairman of the company still remains scot-free.

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