Monday, January 03, 2011


When biting winters
envelope concrete jungles
they head for warmth
in cold marbled rooms
buildings that stand tall
towering against others
-a jillion lilliputs.

Sultry summers and monsoons,

they usher in stormy nights.
Blurred days fade into dates
of kraft papered calendars 
-a dozen upturned edges
hang on rusted nails
in kitchen corners. 

When Christmas hovers, 

they swarm markets
with bulky bags -
they hunt, they scout 
for little delusional treasures
treasures that fill their days
before being tucked away
in dusty cupboards nooks. 

Days roll into months-

forgotten moments 
a lot like rain 
they trickle down.
Years like dark alleys
they drag their lives,
a bevy of jaded years,
as stars burn and fall.

*First Published in The Nether Magazine. 

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