Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My summer trip to Guwahati

After a whole twelve months in Bangalore, i finally packed my bags for a trip to Guwahati, the city i grew up in. It was a surprise trip (me included in the surprise!). You see i hadn't planned on the trip till the last moment and on an impulse, i got my tickets done and bags packed, and off i was. The surprise kind of backfired. I was expecting more in the lines of "Oh Ronmi! What a pleasant surprise!"  But to my dismay, my mom's exact lines were "Why on earth would you do such a thing! The house is a mess and i haven't prepared the meal as yet. The least you could have done was told me!" I wanted to say "Mama, the point of a surprise is not to tell you." Then i thought, maybe now is not the best time.

My usual trip back home consists of sleeping till late morning, dinner invitations over at relatives' place, long hours of catching up with mom till late into the night, movies and story telling with my granny, who we call Abuta. You could call ours an animal loving family with all of us having grown up amidst many pets. But Abuta is the biggest animal lover amongst us all. I have over the years seen birds eating from her palms, stray dogs follow her wherever she goes and cats listen to her her if no one else. And most evenings in Guwahati are filled with Abuta and me exchanging stories of the dogs we fed, birds which visited her and other unforgettable animals.

I had clicked this one of my mom and abuta on my last day at home. Amidst complaints of why i wanted to click her when she looked such a mess, she managed to give that beautiful smile.

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